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Cardiac Consultation in Phoenix, AZ

What is a cardiovascular consultation?

A cardiac consultation is an appointment with a cardiologist during which you can discuss your heart health, as well as any factors that may influence your cardiovascular health. At Phoenix Heart Center, cardiologists may see a patient for a cardiac consultation for any of the following reasons:

  • Patient has been referred to a cardiologist by his/her primary care provider.
  • Patient has (or appears to have) a cardiovascular health problem.
  • Patient is preparing for heart or vascular surgery.
  • Patient has had a heart attack, stroke, or significant heart-related procedure.
  • Patient is looking for a second opinion on an imaging test, diagnosis, or treatment plan.

Cardiac consultations can be scheduled online or by phone in Phoenix, Tempe, or Mesa, AZ.

What heart health issues may be addressed?

Any heart or vascular condition, whether acute or chronic, may be up for discussion during your cardiac consultation at Phoenix Heart Center. Have you been told by a physician that you may have a certain heart condition? Learn more about a few of the most common heart and vascular conditions and what you can expect out of your cardiac consultation at Phoenix Heart Center:

What happens during a cardiac consultation?

During your consultation at Phoenix Heart Center, your cardiologist may ask about your personal and family medical history. The doctor may also perform a basic physical examination. The questioning and examination allows your cardiologist to have a clear understanding of your current health. Your cardiologist may also ask about your diet, exercise habits, and other lifestyle factors.

What tests might a cardiac consultation include?

Testing is not always a part of a cardiac consultation. Below are a few common tests that may be conducted during your appointment or at a later date:

Learn more about these diagnostic tests and others.

How can you prepare for your cardiac consultation?

You can help make your cardiac consultation a great experience by bringing along all medical records that may be useful to your cardiologist. Not only do medical records give your doctor a better picture of your overall health; they could also save valuable time and money by preventing duplicate tests and screenings from being ordered.

You should also be prepared to discuss your personal medical history, family medical history, surgical history, and diet and lifestyle habits. Bring along a list of medications you are currently taking, as well as any questions you may have.

Schedule a Cardiac Consultation in Phoenix, Mesa or Tempe, AZ

To schedule your cardiac consultation with a board-certified cardiologist in Arizona, call an office near you. You can also schedule your consultation with a cardiologist online through InQuicker.

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